Aclaró expands into prime auto lending market

Aclaró Inc., the rapidly-evolving artificial intelligence company, has expanded its products and services to the prime auto lending market after successfully launching its disruptive technology in the subprime market. It moves into prime auto loans, permitting a range of lenders, borrowers, and auto dealers to take advantage of industry-leading insights to create better long-term financial relationships.

Ultimately, this game-changing company has grasped the opportunity to provide technology-driven solutions for lenders who struggle to maximize their prime clients. If the past is any indication, Aclaró will be wildly successful in this new endeavor.

A Natural Evolution

Already, the Aclaró suite of software has helped lenders better understand borrowers’ propensity to buy, cash flow information, and their likelihood to repay the loan in full. Armed with these insights, lenders have been able to offer more customized loans for vehicles that customers actually want.

After successfully helping customers, lenders, and dealership networks secure beneficial loans within the subprime market, Aclaró has set its sights on prime borrowers. To do this, the company has further developed its software to accommodate the nuances of the prime auto loan sector. Underpinned by extremely powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, lenders that use Aclaró’s software can make real-time decisions while dealers can secure high-value clients before competitors realize they are ready to buy.

Inefficiencies in Prime Lending

Simply put, lenders have long underutilized their prime borrowers. They have made decisions based on narrow financial data that doesn’t necessarily paint the entire picture. What’s more, retention rates of borrowers are dropping. Lenders are needlessly sticking with old methods in an effort to retain clients that hold great track records on loan repayments.

With insights provided by a wide range of alternative data points, lenders can make informed decisions. But perhaps more importantly, they can begin succession planning on loans long before they ever reach maturity. By utilizing technology, financiers can discover what a client is looking to purchase in the future, as well as the precise time when they are going to need the funding to do so.

Better still, lenders can do a much deeper dive on background financials and other relevant risk factors to get a much more accurate picture of a borrower’s overall circumstances. Using this information, lenders can approve higher loan amounts spread across longer repayment periods, which can subsequently lead to higher risk-adjusted profits.

Nano Profile Helps All Parties Quickly Find the Best Solution

As just one example, Aclaró’s Nano Profile solution is a cutting-edge tool for dealers and lenders looking to take advantage of a customer’s excellent financial standing. It continuously monitors a huge alternative data set, removing the guesswork from loan affordability and allowing decisionmakers to truly understand their clients. For instance, by tracking buying habits, life milestones (such as a child becoming of driving age), social media likes, and other behavior-influencing metrics, both lenders and dealers can understand what a consumer needs in real-time.

Leveraging Alcaró’s trailblazing technology, borrowers can also be matched to autos that accommodate their needs. Better yet, they can be matched with a loan already approved. There is no more hassle of going through affordability checks. lenders can avoid unnecessary time spent on verifying the information. And with this technology, lenders can offer lower down payments, meaning auto deals can be completed in as little as an hour.

Furthermore, dealers benefit from less time spent on paperwork while increasing their chance of service upsells. Since customers have more dispensable capital than they usually would at the point of purchase, they are more likely to purchase some of those upsells. Lastly, traditionally-underserved prime borrowers gain access to previously-unattainable auto loans thanks to enhanced analytics sent from Alcaró to lending institutions.

Aclaró Continues to Disrupt the Auto Loans Sector with Cutting-Edge Technology

The Nano Profile is just one of many products that Aclaró has developed to better serve both the prime and subprime auto loan sector. Previously-undiscovered data insights are helping both auto dealers and lenders discover customers that traditionally fly under the radar.

By using Aclaró’s industry-leading insights, lenders can increase loan lengths and loan amounts to borrowers. Dealers can take advantage of lightning-fast deals and the opportunity to upsell their add-on services. Finally, borrowers have the opportunity to secure lower down payments on autos that are matched to their exact buying preferences—all with just a few clicks.

If you are an auto lender, auto dealer, or prospective auto buyer, visit or click here to learn more about the company, its first-class team, and its must-have products:

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